Wisdom 21:1
September 14, 2007
Wisdom 23
September 15, 2007

He gave them these words:

The keeper of the grail
Does not drink from it
As it is
The one who holds a heart
Does not empty,
But fills it.

Men who are sexually deviant
Live for orgasm
As it is
The one who is quick to love
Lives for inexplicable warmth
Lasting more than seconds.

Has not been the apocalypse
Neither the end of feeling?
As it is
Judgment is what we rue,
The tempest
That is kinder than the calm.

Say more than the Lord exhorts;
Such is the false injunction
As it is
Words are more evanescent than flesh
Than impending rain
And forever less accomplished.

Does not the poor man forget
And tempt sorrier souls?
As it is
Brilliant minds have spent a foul age
Speaking among themselves
Of little, if all.

Men who vanguard their safety
Lie sleepless, without peace
As it is
Soldiers of the faith divide
Preaching of the right
Against a certain wrong.

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