September 20, 2010
From A Chapter of 1776
September 22, 2010

Morning to you! Yes, good morning. I was on my way to church, I think, and thought I’d drop by.

Have I told you a thing or two about my admiration? Seeing you cut shoes yesterday was brilliant. I’ve never seen such cobbling, such making out of leather. And yes, I know you’re half the man that once you were, and yes, I see you’ve lost your mind completely, but I rather like the shoes. There’s a shortage of perfect shoes in this world.

Oh, nevermind the soles, and no, I don’t really need much to walk on, but it’s a craft. You’re a crafty devil. Devil of the shoes. Ha! Such a thought. Well it seems, you’re not the only one lost his mind, shoehorned into the back of a shop.

Then again, I really must go, but I’ll be back tomorrow morning before the sun yawns. Yes, yes, I’ll wear the frumpy dress with the flower pots and the spiders. I know how it makes you giddy and you’re not sure why. You take care, now, dear. Cobble hard.

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