July 3, 2007
To Be In Love, And Maybe Know It
July 5, 2007


“It’s really moist and dense. I like that. Except I need salsa to go with it. And not the chunky stuff. That’s just gross.”

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“If you look at it sideways, it kind of looks like Jesus’ arm.”

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“The transubsantiatory nature of Christ’s body makes it necessary to imbibe the Body through intinction; for the body and blood are not separated, just as the church is not separated. If we were to make the Body of Christ in such a way that it could be soaked with wine, kind of like a tres leches cake, then it would be closer to the theological underpinnings of Eucharistic unity with the Godhead.”

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“Is there a Jesus’ Body making factory somewhere? Cuz that would be weird. And then the FDA would have to regulate the Body of Christ.”

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“You Christians are weird. Can’t you just meditate and find your inner chi like us?

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“Mmmm Body of Christ. I mean, may all who are hungry let them come to the table… and… let all who are thirsty…let them come to the Lord! But in the spiritual way, of course. There’s free coffee and doughnuts downstairs after service if you’re really hungry. Krispy Kreme I think. Mmmm Krispy Kreme.”

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“Is that Manischewitz?”

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“And people wonder why Protestant denominations are growing and Catholics don’t enjoy church. Who wants to eat a flavorless wafer that tastes like you’re eating a piece of paper?”

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“The prophet believes in the regimentation of the body and blood. Except in those instances where the church is funded by the CEO of PepsiCo, in which case, Pepsi may be used as a suitable alternative to wine.”

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“You should try it with cream cheese.”

3 lactose intolerant Episcopalians are wondering if there is a lactose free cream cheese

“I dropped mine. Can I still eat it?

411 priests have condemned you to eternal damnation; 56 Anglican vicars shrugged

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  1. abarrett says:

    Finally, some useful discussion on communion. For the record, I like mine to taste slightly of honey.

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