Today is a day for consciousness streaming

Certain Verses on the Communion of Marriage
January 22, 2012
I asked Captain Jonathan
January 31, 2012

Today is a day for consciousness streaming, eyes beaming
And sure, a rhyme.

But I cannot tell you (though I will) how sick and sorry faces are
When pasted-plastered like a Charmin ad: “Buy me, buy me, use me, (love me, too)…”
Softly used to hide the shit we all, well, have.

And I am one. Changing face like soiled underwear: too mushy, too wet, too…
Though someone pities with a grin, seduces with a thumb of gin.
And I’m on floors again.

…without my underwear.

Today is a day for consciousness cracking, friends, nothing lacking
In a foppish turn of phrase.

Which is why the dry humor wells up in pools, shimmering back:
The constant mirror on the fools.
And I dyed my hair a brilliant bloody red today.


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