Final Graduate School Admissions Update
March 12, 2010
March 15, 2010

Toast goes with butter and, probably, butter with toast. It’s logical that way; it fortifies breakfast.

Oh for God’s sake, stop asking me why! Why does a chicken give birth to an egg? Because it’s a chicken, and that (plain and simple) is what a chicken does. Does a toast do anything without butter?? I hardly think so.

Yes, I am aware that toast doesn’t DO anything. Even crowned with the best pat of sweet cream. But it is, though it wouldn’t be if it hadn’t a bit of butter. Do you see my point?

No, ah. Well, it’s like this: The world is round. Not quite like the world is, and then the world happens to be round. No no, the world is simply round. A chicken lays eggs. Toast comes with butter.

Clear, now? As crystal? Well as pewter, anyway. Reflections count for something. Though I can’t see much in my toast.

Carry on.

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