To the Church at Denver: The Kingdom of the People of God

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October 12, 2006
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Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings and peace from Jeff, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Darius, Pandamonium, and Jennus of the Davidians. May the grace of God be forever with you.

I have fought with the most high, being with He who is from God, Son eternal of the everlasting Father! And I have toiled with His disciples, bearing every sacrifice on these shoulders to ease the burden on His own. And with the angels, I have sung; the seraphim I count my brothers and sisters. And who among the saints should not know my name?

What of this, beloved brothers and sisters? Do I make of myself a champion to all peoples that I am afforded audience with the Creator? How should I then be low enough to count myself a human among the rest of you? No, for does it not mean the end of power when I call all of you – angels and demons, brothers and strangers, sisters and widowers – among the heavenly core? And if I may collapse the pillars of power, who are you not to do the same? For the kingdom of God is not a thing to come, brothers and sisters; it is a thing that when discovered, shall be known to have existed since the dawning of the age.

Does one brother say to another, “There may come a day when you will betray me. I will destroy you before you are given the chance!”? Or again, sister to sister, “You have it in your eyes to sell me for your own profits!”? As sure as I am witness to the evils of this world, I am living testimony to its bountiful goodness. For what is brotherhood, but love? And sisterhood, but trust? Do not believe in the fruits of sin, for they are fleeting and corrupt. Remember always, whatsoever you do, that in good is eternity.

Therefore, beloved, I exhort you to turn away from your artificial commandments and empty rules. What do they accomplish? Do they not only cause confusion which evil hearts can turn against the good intention? Stay true to the simple tenets of the Lord, which are few, but ultimate: love all, be the essence of love, and count yourself as the living kingdom of God. For Paul awaited it, and many beloved of God awaited it, but it did not come as they envisioned. No, instead it was as night to day and the day to night: for where the intentions were great, the sight was lacking. All of them were blind to their own divinity; all were seduced into believing they were recipients of the Kingdom of Heaven. No one receives His Kingdom! Let it be known among you now: His glorious Kingdom is not to be established, but is established. It is not to be rewarded, but is the birthright and the essence of all human souls. However temptation undoes our good acts, the trickery of all sin cannot supplant the Kingdom. Rejoice in this most holy truth!

Again, again, I say to you: remain not in anticipation of what is to come, but live in what is now. For if the Lord were at most consumed with days yet unborn, He would not have given us today. But today is given that we might have tomorrow, and that tomorrow may be the brighter for the children of the earth.

Calm yourselves, brothers and sisters! I do not resolve to undo the allegiances you have made in anticipation of the day of judgments. For what is done, has been done, and yesterday has its own reasons. The Lord of Hosts designed what has passed for its purposes, and given today in the foreknowledge of our race. Make of it as you will, according to your gift and eminence in the Kingdom, endowed through the grace and glory which can only be found in Him. For He is the essence of you.

How may I teach you otherwise, beloved? You have listened with full hearts, and ever-vigilant minds. But do not prescribe the ways of God’s dominion. Be content to know that much is revealed only to you, that you may enact what is gifted in your person, and contribute to the salvation of every good soul. For the rest is God’s work, and it is noble because it is done by Him.

Remember, brothers and sisters: for human kind, so much in the glory of the Lord is impossible. But in His majesty, we may resurrect the fallen and restore the light where darkness falls interminably. This majesty is who we are, in person, created beings of God. Therefore, what is not possible for us in Him?

You have heard enough. Go, then, and be as God as would direct: one, holy, apostolic. Be of grace, good courage, and never falter. For this is your armor and your shield:

The Lord God, the Lord of Hosts, is my namesake; He lives within me, and I in Him. For the God that is without me is not; where I am empty of the Lord, I am empty of life.

Hold fast to this standard! Break forth into the mission of love.

I will receive you shortly, as I am received in your graces by the blessing of He who is on High,


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