(1) The courage of the Lord is like a thousand years in a single day:
(2) He would hoist his flesh and blood into the fires of Gehenna;
(3) Into the abyss of Nebuchadnezzar’s fire, he would lay them down;
(4) Into the path of the great flood, he would send his beloved;
(5) Even unto hell he would convey them hence,
(6) For nothing is ignorant of the Lord.

(7) Wherefore, then, do I tremble in a gentle storm?
(8) Why do the tempests pierce my spirit and crucify my faith?
(9) What is my privilege but to put my trust in the Lord?
(10) Does the arm of destruction stretch even unto heaven?
(11) Do my hands and feet forsake me?
(12) No; for I am held in the courts of the Almighty God.

(13) Why, then, am I caught in a fit of weeping?
(14) What consolation do I need but the light set upon a hill?
(15) Even say I so, and lean upon the merciful hand of God,
(16) There I see flesh and blood of God upon the earth:
(17) And they gaze at me, the one enrobed in radiant light.
(18) For I have seen the fits of God and laughed;

(19) I am like an earthson shining, beckoning toward heaven.