The NEW Psalms: II. The Day Arises

Prelude to the Psalms
March 31, 2010
A Letter on Sadness
April 5, 2010

(1) On the full moon’s bended back
I walked the turmoil of the night.
(2) Where did my family go?
(3) Where has my brother turned,
My sister run, my father journeyed on?
(4) I am alone; the light of the moon
My only companion.
(5) I am haunted by its ethereal glow:
I see enough to see my desolation, my callous bones,
My bruised feet and burlap hands.
(6) Still are the forests; every
Mountain fades to sleep.
(7) To whom, then, do I confess my sorrows?
(8) Even I, one of your own, my God,
Dry up as the leaves of fall;
(9) Even I thirst for joy in the valley
Of all lamentations.

(10) Scaling these barren days,
I have but little hope, O Lord:
(11) You have gifted me;
But what grace and blessing is the gift?
(12) You have forgiven me;
But what forgiveness is this bareness?
(13) For righteousness I am crowned
With a diadem of tortures
(14) For my faithfulness,
A wreath of bitterness and fear.

(15) Whence comes my aid—
Forth from the empty tomb of happiness?
From out the dried-up seas of joy?
Down clefts of blackened mountainsides?
In hollow groves of weeping trees?
(16) The moon fades fast;
And day arises.
(17) Release me from my bonds, O God,
Relieve me of the burden of this misery!
(18) Restore me, as you are able,
O Lord, my everlasting God!
(19) Undo my failed hope and
Fasten me with love;
(20) Cradle me this newborn day
With all the newness bringing forth;
(21) Upset my desolation with laughter
And raise me up in water and light.

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