To William Wordsworth, About a Lamb
December 5, 2007
Christmas Shopping
December 7, 2007

Thank God, the memories of longing,
The infancy of life that so impassioned was!
Praise God, the childhood that in happiness was reared
And days embraced in sunshine!
How simply gilded the horizon was
How soft, the pillowed snow came falling
With eternal pleasures on Christmas morn!

Oh God, where is my heart today?
Wandering incendiary hopes, it is,
From that debilitating hollow, it is
Flying from the present days
And seeks what poets consummate,
Which heaven sets above our eyes.
Oh God, it is as simple as in youth:
Enduring nature, master-opus,
Cry in tempests on the sea
Sway in grasses, ripe with lambs
Bounded to the peace and free!

Oh God, where do I live?
But here among the clouds
Which prepare tomorrow’s weather
And nature looking on toward night.
Whether in sunshine treat the morn,
Or storming wrest the day,
I live in memories of longing
Or am caught searching for the glory
Of new years yet to come.
But this day has little care for me,
And I have sent it on its way.

Greatest God, is there no pleasure now
For spirits now that languish in the cold?

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