Las Vegas
February 6, 2008
Las Vegas Rebuttal
February 8, 2008

Thus did they become thirteen:
The Magdalene, who is called Mary,
Andrew and Philip, Bartholomew and Nathan;
There went with them also Andrew and Matthew, the tax collector,
James and John, Simon the Caananite, Peter who is called Simon,
and Judas Iscariot, who would betray him.
This is the generation of the first disciples of Jesus the Christ,
Yeshuah bar Joseph ish Nazareth, the Son of God.

It would come to pass, after the 32nd birthday of the Lord,
The man whom the Romans crowned King of the Jews,
The descendant of David, King of Israel in the time of the prophet Samuel,
Who succeeded Saul and united the chosen people of God;
That Jesus should be crucified.

* * *

In this day, 2008 years from the day the Lord was born in Bethlehem of Judea,
are the disciples of Jesus uncounted:
Amanda bar Chabes ish Spokane, who is a gentile,
Darick ish Chehalis, who is master of the elements,
Matthew, who is called the gentle one,
The prophet Gonzales, whose art is the diviner of peace,
Philip the Greater, Diana whose gift is knowledge,
Kevin the Magus, Michael who is called Mike,
Jeffrey, Jonathan, and Frances;
For these are the disciples of Christ, the 100th generation thereof;
Their faiths are manifold, their blessings infinite;
For they are the Christ of creation,
And if it should fall, so too shall they,
And if it shall stand and flourish, so too shall they.

It shall come to pass, at a time unknown,
According to the mystery of God, who has many names,
That all things shall be reconciled, and the truth revealed:
That all beings born of the Spirit, guided by faith,
Shall, too, be crucified to the cross of their lives,
Whether good or bad, they shall endure it.

As Yeshuah bar Joseph, man and God, rose of His own self from the land of the dead,
So too shall this generation of the Lord’s disciples.
For vanity has been ended, and with it death has fallen away.
Let men and women move the earth according to their will,
As it is, the Christ of the living whose spirit lives forever.

So let it be written, as it is, as it was, as it shall be.
In the name of Jesus who is Christ,
Christ who is manifest in this humanity,

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  1. abarrett says:

    I feel so blessed! I’ve been waiting so long for a blog shoutout.

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