Loosely inspired by Handel’s Salomo oratorio, this brief “sinfonia” is meant to be an entry into a larger dedicative or worship piece, much like the Sinfonia in Handel’s Messiah—although his, naturally, was instrumental. I have long been struck by the power and voice of Handel’s compositions, particularly those designed to be joyful or celebratory. This envisions that musical tenor as an accompaniment.

Praise God to whom the censers rise:
Where curling halos ring the skies!

Praise Lord, who as a servant kneels
Beneath the scrape of servants’ heels!

Praise Christ, who on a cross endured
That life unworthy was assured!

Praise Holy Spirit, spun within
And cleansing every host of sin!

Praise God Almighty, one in three:
Father, Son, and Spirit, thee!