Reflections in Lent: Declaration of Independence

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March 14, 2014
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March 16, 2014

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one man to reflect upon the bonds which have restricted his freedom, and to affect within the avenues of his life an oft-prescripted dissolution from the powers which have hitherto advanced his own subordination, being matters of spiritual, personal, and intellectual import, and having no small impact on the personhood for which he has been unsolicitedly appointed steward.

With such intent, and as evidence thereof, may it be known that he shall resolve to affect the following:

* To sever all ties, spiritual or material, to authoritarian human church;
* To divest himself of the obligations of said church, being invested with sufficient capacity to discern the spiritual imperative directed to and for him alone;
* To relinquish claims upon guilt, and all the ways in which it is unduly and unjustly foisted upon him, or conjured by his own means for no reason whatsoever;
* To reflect upon the ways in which ritual and ceremony, personal or corporate, authentically and positively affect his relationship with the divine; to act according to the conclusions confirmed by this reflection;
* To consider earnestly the body in which he was born and the community of which he is a part, serving them with mutuality and genuineness with respect for the Truths which he has hitherto discerned;
* To embrace all, being not inured through church or society to castigate or ostracize according to human irrationality and petulance;
* To revere the self, in all parts and pieces, as God-given and God-made, being neither the model of Christian perfection nor its most perfect sinner;
* To allow himself the capacity for enjoyment of gift and compliment, feeling no burden to undo such kindnesses for fear of egotism and the impertinent “I”;
* To be constant in gratitude, as constant in humility; to be certain and confident in his integral necessity, concomitant with the necessity of all who comprise community;
* To reflect on good as it has been accomplished by him, but not according to him; to give thanks for the unexpected work of God in life;
* To reflect on bad as it has been perpetrated by him, but being not the sum of him; to understand the absolute potency of mercy;
* To be purposeful in peace, above all cutting loose the bonds of responsibility for good works; to meditate on the utmost Truth of himself: that it is not responsibility but nature which drives his good and happy life

Be it resolved, this 15th day of March, in the year of our Lord 2014; that these resolutions be fulfilled in due time and of their own course, guided as in all things by the graceful and loving hand of God.


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