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February 18, 2017
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“Slow Money Solutions” (DiningOut)

A look inside the work of small food evangelist Woody Tasch and his Slow Money organization. This interview was published online for DiningOut magazine.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a second. If Slow Money becomes so successful that the little guy shifts to a profit-focused enterprise instead of one committed to sustainability, what then?

To be honest, that’s not a huge problem. At least not with small community farmers. But when you’re dealing with a larger company that focuses on a niche product, you’re always asking how big they aim to be and if they get there, will their vision will change. That said, there is no scripted part of Slow Money that forces us to ask a company not to grow beyond a certain point. It’s a constant debate. As long as we go into this with integrity at the outset and lean on the natural balance of community enterprise and investment, I think we’ll be alright.


So what Slow Money events are upcoming, and how can Coloradans get involved?

The next big one is our Decelerator even on October 21. We’ve been doing meetings for a quite a few years, but the idea for the Decelerator came only a few months ago. There are two parts to Slow Money: the conversation around ideas, and the actions we take to implement them. The first part is playful—talking about our growth as an organization. But when it comes to our money, what we’re really asking people to do is to slow things down—to move from the volley of assess-invest-collect to investment with faith in a vision and a community. That’s decelerating—bringing our money back down to earth. In the upcoming Boulder Decelerator, we’re going to be looking at launching another non-profit investment club for this community and seeing if we can define success around local food systems. We’ll have some outside speakers as well—experts in the field, and folks who have benefited from Slow Money investment. Plus, we’ve arranged a farm-to-table dinner the night of the event. You can register for either—the main Decelerator event and/or the dinner. It’s going to be a wonderful experience—and it’s open to everyone.

Find the full interview/article at: diningout.com/denverboulder/slow-money-solutions

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