“Profiles in UX Research: Ghostery” (Validately.com)

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Parsing the user experiences of new technology

“Profiles in UX Research: Ghostery” (Validately.com)

A Q-and-A with UX developer Emmy Southworth about how she used Validately user research tools to help gather critical data for her company, Ghostery.

When you have an idea of what these new features will look like, at what point do you bring new designs back to the user for further testing?
Fairly early on. We often introduce wireframes or working prototypes to users after we map out new features to see if we’re on the right track. This is where moderated remote testing is helpful, as our team members are located in different offices. With Validately’s tools, we are able to connect all of our team members during testing sessions to ensure everyone can observe user reactions.

Who is involved in these moderated remote testing sessions?
The product manager and myself will usually be in the room with the user during testing. Developers or remote team members will connect to sessions from their desks via Validately.

How do you structure the testing sessions?
I like to use rapid, iterative testing. I set up the same test with three or four different users and ask the same questions of each one. Using Validately, I can flag moments in the interview that are either successes or areas where our concepts could use improvement. During the testing session, I encourage users to speak out loud and explain what they’re thinking and why they’re making certain decisions. This helps us determine how we should restructure features or shift designs to make our product more intuitive. Thanks to Validately, we can go back later and reference flagged areas in the recorded session.

Read the full text at: blog.validately.com/profiles-in-ux-research-ghostery

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