“Marriage Equality: What Does It Look Like Now?” (Good Men Project)

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“Denver: Then and Now” (Alpha Books)
February 17, 2017
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February 17, 2017
Good Men Project

“Marriage Equality: What Does It Look Like Now?” (Good Men Project)

An op-ed revisiting the issue of legalized same-sex marriage, wondering what the responsibilities are when the law passes.

For many in our community, marriage is a mark of legal equality and nothing more. It acknowledges partnership rights in same-sex, committed relationships now enjoyed by heterosexual couples. But for others, it is more than that—it is a faith-bound union of two individuals for life. More often than not, the legal and faith definitions intersect.


Perhaps we could look to the traditions of faith-based heterosexual marriages to understand what comes next. Perhaps it is enough to say that marriage is government acknowledging our equality. But should it be different for us? How does the idea of commitment change when faith enters the picture? Or does anything change when that fateful day comes and we celebrate with all our LGBT brothers and sisters on the steps of the national Capitol? Perhaps we will just return to our lives and our relationships, not living them that differently at all.


I have heard stories from long-committed couples in Washington state who once pressed for same-sex marriage, that when the votes were cast, something uneasy set in. Were things to suddenly change for them? Were they bound to accept some sort of church-based classification of their relationship? What did the government expect from them?

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