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August 12, 2017
Gunbarrel Gazette
Gunbarrel Gazette (Articles, Website)
August 11, 2017

Task: Conduct user research interviews with clients. Gain insight into usage cases for Validately testing tools and show demonstrable product improvement based on Validately user research.

Applications used: Validately, Word

Website: validately.com

Validately reached out to me to help expand their educational content and user research data. I was primarily tasked with interviewing clients who had used Validately in their own product development, gathering information on success rates, usage scenarios, and how product improvement could be linked to Validately testing tools.

This sample interview with Canopy Tax is a great example of the discussions I enjoyed with industry leads. Ultimately, these interviews were used in supplemental marketing materials at Validately.

Other case studies can be found by navigating to the blog at blog.validately.com and reviewing “Profiles in UX Research.”