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Served (Podcast)
August 13, 2017
OutFront Magazine
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August 13, 2017

Task: Take and edit photography for digital and print use. Capture food subjects as well as landscapes/buildings.

Applications/tools used: Acorn, Affinity; Nikon D3200 and iPhone 6/7

As part of my work in food journalism and community news coverage, I have taken some time to learn the basics of photography. I don't consider myself a professional photographer, but I have nonetheless produced some high-quality images that have been used for print, websites, and social media.

These samples showcase some of my recent work. I am particularly proud of recent food photography, but am also keen on improving landscape and building shoots. To supplement my hands-on work, I have completed CreativeLive's Photography Starter Kit course to help me learn proper techniques for shooting a wide variety of scenes.