Poetry in Retrospect

I Believe in (ex)Love
December 22, 2011
A Lighthouse Reverie
December 27, 2011

For a period of time in college, I dabbled in e.e. cummings-style poetry, paired with an affinity for literary and cultural allusions. Here is one example I recently found that I particularly like.

…And kircheglise(Notre) dame
o u r l a d y m y l a d y
encycl-able, Pope or Pope or popedeux
and vindicate the waysteland
    My caska is openclosed!
(pews is pause is putrid and prodigious)
Et tout-en commun?Gizerly pharoah HA
lf gone.
Source-error of Oz
and dust, and destruction

god pull downwhich?

or fleurs-de-litigation.
Vini, vu/gesehen, conquered/konkeri?
And tot
And mort
and trunks gefallen.
Fantast-asy–I flail.

S e m p i ternam.


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