Already several entries into his illustrious journey, I have chosen to introduce the beloved, though mostly clueless, Mattaman McKearnee. What is his place? It’s much of my own, in all honesty. I have always wished to travel through the Bible, placing myself as close as possible (geographically) to the stories and people that have long inspired me. I feel, however, that such intimacy would prove less inspiring than I hope. Part of me certainly knows that I need not pursue ridiculous journies through difficult terrain to feel “close” to the spirit the Bible. Still, something in me would love that very adventure. And because I don’t anticipate being able to make that journey, I decided to have someone else do it for me — the bumbling Mattaman McKearnee. Though fit with a good heart, he gets stuck oftentimes in the superficial. Part of that is me, and part of that is what I fear we all fall into. In McKearnee’s case, it plays out in moments at the edge of Biblical scenes. Utilizing a style similar to that of John Berryman’s “Dream Songs,” I have attempted to create snapshots of McKearnee’s journey. This way, there isn’t an overwhelming amount to absorb in each entry, but rather, ample time to pause and reflect. I expect no singular image or message to emanate from these scenes; I only hope they are vivid enough to produce a meaningful and inspiriing image of McKearnee as he travels the Bible in search of, well, himself.

As always, I ask you to remember: Sic. Ibid. This is me we’re talking about. Please absorb all of these entries with that in mind.