Staring at the Bathroom Wall, Friday Morning, 11:24am
September 7, 2007
Saddle the Crotch! What? Who’s Talking?
September 11, 2007

I was walking to the store,

and there, THERE! was such as
fright, a donkey, I was an ass–
But i was riding an ass.
Two asses. One, human

But there was a LIGHT
Incandescent. 100 watts or so.
God! Must have been God!
And I repented, I sat on my ass,
Though I was an ass, and
I said: “This day I shall be
your servant for evermore!
…but perhaps I can get the
groceries first?”

He agreed, and ever since!
Well, you know. Look at me!
Look at the saving sinner
that is the new gorgeous me!

Such great news, M.
she said, between knitting needles.
Now wash your hands for dinner.

Is it BREAD? Loaves? With FISHES?!?!

Stroganoff. Day-old beef and soured
cream. Anything else?

So he went to wash, and saw the dove
that night, cleansing with soft soap
in the river Jordan;
that is, Moen.

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