Pot on the head, dangling
with a stocking. his cap.

Rue the day! as the horse strings
wiggled and shrieked beneath
the engorged black twig.

He danced, pranced, fiddled, and
played ’round-a-round-round in
baker’s half-circles
’til he knocked the hearth from
the fire. and then, his place
was lost. stopped dead in his
elmo chuck taylors.

Sarai uppeted with a GaaaaGROOOOWWWZ-
AMANWHOOP! and you would have known!
the silky cream had digested backwards
up through the lungs and piercing the
chords that shout–!!

no no. it was M. all along.
she stood, half-robed, she blinked.
M. tweaked a half-chord