Grandma, I Love You
March 4, 2011
With Donnie Darko on the Gravel Road
March 7, 2011

“Wide, breathing wind wound ’round
About him, M—
And still he scuttled the boat, heaving as he did:
And the sail swallowed air like a blowfish, puffing as it did:
“I should have been a table maker!!!”
McKearnee, he wailed encrusted in salt tears.

He smiles broad, lily-livered lies ‘neath sheathed…
“Where are you God, you whoreson?!?”
But it begged the question: Son of Whom?

Very truly, I tell you: He could not have been a hammer man
Any which way.
For nails were not a thing he knew much about:
Too sharp, and tack-ful.
He knew nothing of building.

And on the stern, there laughed a pigeon:
“Your robe’s a-backwards, M.”

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