How often have I met the dark with angst?
And so, I believed you were absent.
But it is as with all of your creation;
Not the smallest nor the largest part
Performs without its Creator.
As the folds of nighttime disappear with dreams,
I am reminded by the rays of sun that you pervade the day,
That you conduct the soft temper of the night.
God, in that great orchestra, may I prove an instrument
While giving over the creation of music to
what you alone have cadenc’d.

It is a day like many others.
But unlike others, I am determined to see
Its graces, its inexhaustible happiness,
And immutable light.
I give you, then, all my fears;
Let them be washed away in the powers and purpose
of today.
And may we all remember the instruments of life;
how integral, how beautiful, each to each.

God, Allah, Spirit Almighty, give me the peace
and humility to share it, and to cherish the grand
composition of our harmonious world.