Malachi, Marple II
March 18, 2008
Jonathan’s Father
March 23, 2008

-tir’ed posten, sire?
-was sure fire, was
-wasn’t wayfire wobegon. aye saw it.
-wasnyouthought wasntamatterin’. [which it was]

no, the lessen. get up, half-the-day in your eyes! would crossbows twinge-a-make-mad the sorry old fat digits. but it was.

likely the centaur. half-breed, hairy trunks! was wandering lamposts and wrapping the oom ’round the robe. lions a-mounted give sermons aplenty; one–spit. two–spit’n’youdonesomethingGROWL. shake mane, all the same. you gettin’ this?

i haffin to say i’m better a schlaf-gone. right you are, righten be writer. wot cockmamie mire-mirth you scribin’?

was once a witch, white.

-i’ve hurled it
-you’ve wandered it.
-merry is too-true.
-and so was a lion, was a boy…

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