Marple, Malachi
March 15, 2008
Malachi, Marple III
March 22, 2008

Achk’n’maam, doh’n’t you know? Marple she was, brilliant ray of sunstar-moon, and shallow whistle tawhile whispers were, a bedside found, and knock-a-knock crook be caught, covers she had sew’d that crept askance the shimmering eyes. Ah, to bed now.

Firsten you should Jesu the bowed men; up with embeaded tangles, shangles, shook and crook-ed were they now? Hush, hush, none of it! Ta bed-n-ya-sleep, now. But surely she ‘rupted, sure as the black stiff vespers vapored their wise through the many-handgraves. Ah! nought alles, she stood, she shrieked eyes fatuated, eyes flustered-a-ghoul that narywhether. went she was across’n’the silk road sand; carpet-flying pustul’d one. sad to death she goes, same as black. alas, sure-felt, if it be morn, she be no mourn-a-gain, be not lilied by the sungourds trapped a mountainway under the riverride, ways bent and undefined. Nut of it now, ye know. Hallow the morning, hallow the even-tire, shouldst ye be bed a-goon? there was a clock-n-be-man out the side. casing was he. not any thought wise, went wallowing whinny by willow bush. that a flame, candled ye merry, drunk. As the day! donst be’n’be’brick’n’be’brackfaced. weasel-hi-ho, wendered the sand dunes, wanted the water. sacked-sashed on Sunday, some day! settled by solumen.

whence wafted. ways of a famished-fire, wending; waddled; waited; wafted; waded; wanted; wishing; witched. what? wot side? of the first was he to bear sticks for the stix, wassathehellwassahaythinking? she prooded, was preeing. awl was not for, was finished was.

liken the ways they lit by. to bed and the slalom, was after he git the fire a weaseled back out. so liven-full, light warmth. done or doing, doesn’t it just?

schleft schleffen, behindeter. Achk’n’bay’God! was a king for a king, lost his bewaygenungs fist.

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