Route #10
March 24, 2007
March 26, 2007

This was the battle which the Lord God endorsed, being half-wit born of the morning, netherwise of the darkness which Satan composed:

Trumpets cried in the sweltering rain, and humans stirred oblivious beneath their feet:

He did at once, the Master of Worlds, bend the southern sky toward Him, that by its supplication, creation rent in two: the northern contingent, thriving in star-dotted blackness, and the south amassing bastions of forested still:

Satan uttered command, and She cracked in twain again, for the divisions of God were thus unsuited to evil:

Eastern winds from western sun; it was the youthful choler, drenched in collaborated strength and the ageful fire of the setting day at odds, and this in Satan’s favor:

But Christ, who was a mystery to the North and stranger to the South, came among them both; He spoke of God where it suited Her and of Himself where it did not:

Again, the trumpets howled, bringing the forests to their knees:

The green ones hailed the darkness, thinking on the noise for the pride of Satan:

The darkness shivered within its caverned home on account of the Host:

And majesty occurred not there, for it was dominated by fear on either side: whether the North or the South, it was manifest, the triumph of the Lord was uncertain; the flagrance of Satan ensured:

It was thought of the darkness, Christ would reside, undoing the Black Minister from within His highest organ; and so lovers of night rejoiced, and danced on to the day:

But they, too, were allied to the light, bringing celebration to the doings of day; meandering ways of mankind, they stirred the mundane with an unabashed pomp:

And what for the lovers of night, the depressed foes of the quieted South? They are stirring, even still, in the blackness of holes, the corridors of day with pockets of night:

They abide in uncertainty and casual sin; where sickness resounds, they live on:

So Christ has made the whole world a battleground, and Satan conscripted the likes of all men:

That some have consented with conscience full-force, and others in stupors aligned:

God of all Goodness boasts only the willing, by His will and their own in consensual fire:

And He stirs those awake to conversion, the weapon of only the Good; for the armament offers only the subtlest offense:

To the bold, surreptitious, unscrupulous North, there is nothing of weaponry but fixed in the world that cannot be used to its end; so Satan prescribes a nation of arms, and launches melee on Christians aplenty:

But who should have thought Christ alone? At His side, the other-dimensioned racket of faiths: Buddha and Allah and Vishnu and Spirits uncounted, unnumbered in Arabic numerals:

And Satan, who is Christ’s equaled foe—as histories told—now advances in faces of odd-natured saints and a number of Gods he knows not:

When suddenly stirs the inequity claim, the outward confession that something’s awry:

He calls a convenience of time, Satan does, and asks for a conference with Jesus and God, the ones he knows best from ethereal days:

They consent, Gods of knowledge and grace, and they meet at the corner of life; neither North nor South nor East nor West are the meeting ground, but the corner of all that in life is embattled:

He rakes his proud mind, such of a demon-once-angel, and begs a high word from the Host:

But God merely relents, admits to the mess that is man: no need to supply him with forms of destruction, and darkness is part of My name:

Upwards he looks, at the dawn and the day, though the pockets of evil subsist; and he wonders at faces and names and beliefs that out of this nagging seduction have lived:

So he calls to his officers, friends of the Foe, and begs their arms to retire; outnumbered, outranked, out-maneuvered again, Satan relinquishes all of the darkness:

For what is the darkness, thinks he, if the light abounds fuller each day than before? And what is my end if I might haul this light into blackness? No answer is his:

Therefore the Lord has ended the battle of worlds, the minds of His people, the hearts of creation enraptured:

Satan is Satan, and shall be by nature, for if He retires, He retires himself to the dust of the day; the day which is ending, the day which is already dusk:

And onward shall go, as he is that he is, being of God:

So he asked Him, and Them, at the conference of spirits, how be it if evil plods on in the world, that goodness beneighbored is heightened in greatness the more?

God looked at the others, and hearts once conferred; they agreed, and on Satan would live, working wild evils in men:

Whereby we know good, but also the bad; I am sure that we know it is so, for Satan counsels them still, the many corrupt, knowing the evil that someday will fail:

And Gods of all faiths convene on the day, and on through the night: all things of this making is theirs for the world, and we are saved in corruption, that Satan destroys and they shall redeem.

Amen: Amen: God makes for us here a holy place to abide, a kingdom of imperfect kings and the chaos of children:

Let it be, and let it be said: locus iste Deo fatus est.

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