Letter to the Faithful: As Death Advances

No more port, please
October 4, 2006
Letter to the Faithful: As Death Advances
October 5, 2006

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ:

Though now you prefer to be at peace, reconciling according to the love of God and being in all things admissible to love, you will be violently capsized.

For what is it to be in calm, beloved, if calm is all God has created? Is it any great accomplishment? Rather, this world was born with the fruits of evil and goodness, that by adherence to the discerned commandments of God, we may crown goodness in His victory, burying evil in a tomb of disgrace. But have we confronted this evil, my brothers and sisters? Has it confronted us? What says our heart, and from our heart, our entire person, when the manifestations of the Lord of Gehenna come to our doorstep?

There are some who would flee, preferring to save their own lives. And who may argue against this? For in their conscience it may be known that good is to be yet nurtured in years to come by their very hands. What success in this can come by the hand of death? So, too, are there those who have such a fear and hatred of the end of their lives, it is in them only to assault. And by this assault, there may be success, that others may see and live their lives according to daily graces. Still, there are those who, in all courage, fall to God’s ordained rest.

What of this, brothers and sisters? Do I exhort preference of one above the other? Do I demand you should know which, in that sudden time, should be your vigilant and unfaltering decision? How can I possibly command this, when I myself have come to see the face of death and did not know which choice God would have wished me to make? No, rather I encourage the examination of your souls, that they be known as temples of God, because of God, and according to God. For what is a man that is without a soul? And what is a soul without a man? It is surely because of the Divine that we exist at all; therefore, where the engine of choice is buried in that soul, we may deliberate upon the moment we may face death. For we are freely willed and freely will according to conscience; it is our burden that that conscience be informed.

And how may we build a knowledgeable soul? How else, but to know God who created it? So with knowledge, discerning our love of God and thriving in relationship with the Holy Father, we may be affirmed in our convictions at that moment which approaches human death. For death is never the end! Let us be in such a mind, of such pure a heart at that petrifying moment, that we are never so much afeared of dying that we lose our faith in the undying, universal Love.

Breed faith, conjure love, and be as none other in the vast discipleship of Christ: be forever alive!

Concerning the grace of God, in whose protection I have been spared the mortal end, I leave conjecture and attend to truth. Yours, therefore, forever in faithful prosecution of untimely Death,


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