The beautiful catastrophe of my faith
May 17, 2010
A Letter on Letters
May 20, 2010

My very dear friends in Christ,

Peace to you, and all the love of God. I am called fast to Cyprus, to testify to the Truth, whatsoever be the consequence. I shall be brief.

Andrew writes to me of your timid nature in the keeping of the gospels. What keeps you from the grace which is yours by birth? Either from the wisdom gifted to you, or the strength of heart, or the manifest dignity of the human soul? Have you not been saved by Christ? Are you not, then, as worthy even as He?

Put away your anxieties and trust that your good deeds will be accomplished in their time. I cannot say to you when, or in what manner; I leave these things to God. But in its time, the Truth of all things will be revealed.

Say not, “I am unable.” Is the ability yours, or God’s?
Say not, “I am weak.” Have you not the strength of your Creator?
Say not, “I am dull.” Does not the Maker illuminate His servants aptly?

You lack trust, my dear friends–the very trust which saves and the very trust which girds the Kingdom. Would you fail to believe in its surety?

Enough talk of failure; go. Yours is a duty of faith, bound by Christ, to those lacking in this world. I have little time to adjudicate your trembling questions. I am not God; God is already with you. Ask Him, if you doubt still.

I urge you onward, and to leave this petty strife behind you. We must be as one, confident in the Lord God, disciples of Christ according to the gifts he readily gave you.

I remain your steadfast brother in Christ; I shall be with you shortly, friends. Stay close to God. Resist temptation. Trust in the Truth of Christ.


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