Lamentations of Love

On Atheists and Fundamentalists
May 25, 2012
The Mountain Kings Three
May 29, 2012


There was in youth,
A brighter cast of days;
How long I’d sing
Of love’s seducing ways.

But I grew older then,
And spent a dozen dames.
I plied my luck
With love’s deceitful games.

Now old am I:
And all that beauty flown.
No hold, nor touch
In oldness have I known.

But from my youth
A friend I always knew:
A sapling sweet,
A tree that grew and grew.

And when she smiled
To greet my heavy tears
I smiled back
And have, these many years.

Who knew a soaring oak
Could smile on so mere a man as me?
You came with fulsome stride, my dear:
And by your love, you set me free.


I think I love this bottle, dear:
Her glimmering, glassy gleen,
Her lustrous, liquorous curves—
And oh, that golden sheen!

Oh says you—this whiskey ain’t
No whiskey down the hatch,
But hooch and holla as it go:
I tell ya, sir, I’d have another batch!

You have your limey whores
And traipse about the town;
I’ll sit and make sweet love to this,
My whiskey of renown!

Now, now, he’s drunk you say—
I’ll have you think again!
Not tottered, toasted, tipsy, sir
But now and ever gay, my friend!

—The doctors say its ending though,
My love affair with spirits sprite:
That I’ll be dead tomorrow, sure!
Perhaps I’ll die tonight.

But lad, I’ll tell you—mister, sir,
No greater love was had than this
Than me, in all intoxicated joy,
And my sweet whiskey’s tryst.


Sweet Mary of the flowing Bann,
Who crossed the wide-mawed sea;
She came to be my lover true,
She came to be with me.

How bright a thing was Mary fair,
That beauty made sublime;
How luscious red her ruby lips
How blinding was her shine!

She walked the way that angels do,
She sang with lilt and grace;
My God, she was the finest thing
From feet unto her face!

I loved her dear, my Mary fair:
From first I saw her smile;
She made me shiver at her sight
And tremble all the while.

No other woman have I loved,
No sundry women chased;
For Mary was my life and soul,
Her love my saving grace.

But as she came upon the boat,
And as it neared the shore:
The great big sea consumed her smile
And took her from me—evermore.


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