Why I Hate the Comma
June 13, 2012
I’ll Never Come Back to Georgia
June 20, 2012

I meant to leave the final muffin like
I meant to clean the car;
I meant to give at church today.
And meaning much, it was enough
Like hugs when love will do.

I meant to kiss you as you left today,
And I meant to mow the lawn;
I should have paid that bill.
But meaning has no merits now
Where mindfulness has gone.

I’ve had a full life full of meaning, true;
I meant to make it real.
But there’s no turning back to
Things that weren’t—
There’s no wishing what I feel.

And yet I think I’ll take that muffin;
Hold the kiss;
And leave the car another day.
The church can wait ’til Sunday next;
That bill I needn’t pay.

I’ve meant it best and meaning well,
I’ve lived a good man’s life;
I’ve settled God my score.
I’ve made intention everything,
And meaningness my chore.

I’ve made intention every thing, I have:
What can I do the more?

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