A Nighttime Prayer
July 10, 2013
A Sermon by Norman Rockwell
July 23, 2013

I blew my trumpet over seas!
and waves that cracked like whips on wind,
and brackish sprung o’er spiring trees—!

Oh! days I tore my tunes unbounded well
in fevered rush from egypt’s land it swell
whilst music’s toes caressèd sinai’s sand—!

Tho stir my soul! I sew as sell my melodies’ sound
in markets myriad, ancients with their baskets round
and furrows frowned like fields fallow kept—

O’er winds and waters wading soared she!
the simple sounds they sang with chorus brightly!
and from my own the preach of God ’twas heard:

a bellow from the breach,
a sunrise gentle reach,
and there the mouth of God:
My trumpet o’er the Seas.


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