The Cries of Emerson Resound Today
October 31, 2006
A Reading to the Church of God Entire: The Law of Right
November 2, 2006

To the quick: cherish speed; do not spend it.
To the deft: absorb knowledge; do not presume it.
To the affective: keep your tongue still; do not arouse it.
To the pious: believe what you know not; do not pretend to know.
To the studious: study what belongs to us; leave alone what belongs to you.
To the loyal: ready your defection; but do not defect.
To the magnanimous: give as you would have yesterday; forget tomorrow.
To the capricious: live in childhood innocence; do not stain the innocent.
To the moribund: remember death lightly; in light, remember the doings of death.
To the careful: try your decisions; do not submit your lives to trial.
To the protectors: forget who you are; remember why you are living.
To the assiduous: give thoughts their steady moments; upset the moments of steady
To the grieving: be true to the emotion; let truth decry the reason.
To the earnest: shape words with care; but do not let them speak alone.
To the ebullient: give all energy to happiness; do not sap the energy of reason.
To the defiant: undo the cause; cause the articulation of truth.
To the responsible: be so as to survive; in surviving, thrive.
To the acquiescent: confer with logic as your language; do not pretend logic has two
To the graceful: live according to the Lord and Lady; do not lord yourselves above us.
To the peaceful: compromise according to union; do not be indolent.
To the quiet: resound in your reflections; give talk the life of men.
To the humble: recall your perfect balance; do not obsess with perfect.
To the affable: do not think on your likeness; like who you are without thinking.
To the ordained: practice and preach without fail; presume that all men are prophets.
To you and to me: be simple, be subjects, be persons of God; be makers and wakers,
light words with ourselves, the great fire of us.

And you, the redeemed: be sure, and be holy, whatever the cost; be everything-was and all that will be; simply, in glory, all majesty singing, be.


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