From Mr. Peter D. Apostle, III Esq.

The Chronicles of Beauregard the Bovine
May 10, 2011
Ex Judas Iscariot
May 12, 2011

Dear Friend:

I was traveling along this road with my friend Judas, and he was hung by a bristling branch from an olive tree while in Jerusalem. It is a foreign countries and I have no money. But As soon as I pay for his funerla, i will be awarded in the amount of denarri 45,000,000,000. Will you be good friend and save your friend, myself, Peter? All you must do is send the infromation over to me as soon as the you are able so that I may take the money for his funeral and then I will return l 20% of remaining fudns to you in USD.

Telephone number:
Social security number:
Date of birth:
Bank account number:

You will be rewarded in heaven greatly just as soon as I am transfred the monies from your accounting to my personhood.

I am thankful you are such a reasonably good friend and have given much to the many in need for your generous self.

Your most sincere,

Mr. Peter D. Apostle III, Esquire

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