From A Letter to Saint Paul

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March 19, 2010
A Letter to Africa
March 21, 2010

“You know, surely, how debilitating fear can bind a soul. And yet, broken and brittle, I have risen to be a prophet as you are prophets; to be a minister as you are ministers; to be a servant as you are servants. And I no longer fear for my life, that it may be taken from me and my love and accomplishments rendered nothing more than dust and ash. For if it is His Will, so be it. I am confident in this at least: That the life of my flesh will persevere so long as I am able to accomplish the good acts which God has designed for me, and which He commands me to do according to the mystery of His Will. But when these things are at last accomplished, I may pass away. Therefore, I care little for whether I am sick or well; whether I am happy or sad; whether I am weak or strong. For in these, through these, and with these I will do what is in my power and in my call for the greater glory of God.”

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