For You Who are Like Christ to Thee, Almighty God

Public Service Announcement
June 27, 2007
Beyond Kinsey: Exploring the Interrelationality of Sex, Intellect, and Emotion in Relationships
June 29, 2007

Through the subterfuge of notes
That hymns too soon befriend,
And calming temper of the organ song
Those spires yield;
Before the calcified gentlemen,
Swallowed by a host of robes
And churn with rotting gums in slur:
“Sinned, before Man and God.”
Out upon the rusted dais of the civilized,
Sinewy arms expire, hang incumbent sorrows,
Concur beneath the bleeding sun
That we, the naked, draw all blood from right.
And with the decomposing tongues
The pillars of the gallows soon decrepit melt.
But I shall not, nor man, nor God,
Forget thee: death and right in nakedness abused.

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