Edwards on the Mount

At Milton’s Bedside
February 5, 2013
City Awake
February 8, 2013

Of that oft and peregrinatious tempt,
God would that I admonish you utterly: be aggressive in tact
and know what little bouts with wisdom do you,
sword for shield and parry through your pride!
Has it made the whimsy of your minds convene in gladness
when scurrying crusades wrest you from the habit of prayer?
Or should it cull the sweat of purgatory’s racks and
promote from sin the penance you deserve?
I swore an oath to God, and by His blessing, stoop to curse:
Damned be you obstinate sinners all!
For not a shake of spirit nor sacrament of right
should take you from lascivious ways—
You, sons and daughters barren, shall inherit least of nothing,
marred by your own designs and desperate caked with greed—
You are forever sinners in the hands of an angry God!

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