The Precondition and Prevalence of Love
July 26, 2010
I walk on sidewalks
July 28, 2010

Dear Christians,

What makes me one of you exactly? You see, if I’m called a poet, it is because I have published many works and am known for my poetic gifts. Or if I am called a composer, it is because I have several pieces I have crafted and have been performed in public for common consumption. Likewise, if I am a chef, it is because I am lauded for my abilities to cook various dishes in the company of many and sundry.

But Christians—what are they? I am Christian because I say I believe in Christ, no? But that is not enough. For to be Christian by such a simple criterion would make me equally a poet, composer, and chef—and I have done nothing so worthy of those titles. But I am, I believe, a Christian.

It matters little what is said without those words taking shape in my life. I must act according to what I say and, not only this, but what I believe. And there is much believed that cannot be expressed in words. So it is with art of any form: expression is the medium, and good artists are capable of expressing much according to their gifts where words would fall flat.

On some level, then, I must be one of you (one of us?) without at all saying so. It would be dreadful enough if the poet had to go about proclaiming his title, or the composer, or the chef. It would discredit them I feel, simply by making it seem as if they were trying to convince the world they were something they are, in fact, not. For what matters, naturally, is the substance of which poetry, composition, and cooking is made. So it is, again, with Christianity: for we must be Christian not in sinecure, but in action, and in being.

Therefore, I exhort you to do away with idle and wordy banter which has no bearing on a Christian life. Live, as you are able, as Christ commanded, as God calls, and all will be well with you. I shall endeavor to do the same, knowing in good faith that you will keep me honest to myself, and to Christ, who is the head of us all.

In peace,


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