Sieg tha Homme
January 4, 2007
More on sexuality: how it has sometimes undone the better parts of me
January 5, 2007

Curiously, I
Have spoken too
As certain brooks
Without warrant—
Breaching banks,
Corroding nature’s customers.
But I indemnify the reach
Water being never good nor bad,
But necessary.

Though I
Have taken to a
Conjugal babbling,
Must now, within my winding bed,
Accept: this water poisons when it speaks.
Great irony of Mother Earth! that
Burning passions thrust me onward
(and in my purist form, give life);
But today I am the needed evil,
Putting soon to sleep the simple spirits
Crying out for life;
The wantonness of which so sooner drowns
Than I have grace this moment to promote.

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