Certain Verses on the Communion of Marriage

Into your hands …
January 19, 2012
Today is a day for consciousness streaming
January 30, 2012

Now reckless Nature, She
Upholds the fearsome war;
While we in tune, and by our race, and mad
Collude in certain strife before!
Not once and never we
Did evil loud demur—
For it has bolstered much
The conspiracies of men
To leave it be; She is
All our substance and our summary.

Though practitioner of words,
I would a greater evil do
Were not this sodden voice
A ream at least of praise to render Her:
As such, this paean follows forth from wit—

Regal consummations, avowed
Without a crown, nor kingdom, nor a see
Entered now with bliss
And full of ignorance, but faith
Presiding on for all eternity!
Its wonder not the sometime fortitude
But always faults inviting
Mercy in its constant glee.
And love we know of least, yet
Bear prodigious, well
Hath not Forever for Her name
And constancy Her knell?


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