Dear Paul, from Roger the Elder
March 7, 2012
Sun, Again!
March 12, 2012


“Caveat emptor!” said the whore
As she shut the bedroom door:
“There’s more than meets the hy-
men, ’bout me, sir.”

“Do tell,” the advocate grinned.
“What is it? Have you sinned?
Or pinned our Caesar to a bed-
Post, naughty minx?”

“I’ve slept with Caesars, yes.
And one fair-haired princess.
And jest or no, a thousand fire-
Eyed pharisees.”

“Oh, I love a girl with class!
And just a bit of sultry sass,
And ass enough to swell
My ravenous delights.”

She dallied at the door:
That curried, lame eyesore
Which more than men had
Taken in her day.

“Come here, come here, my dear!”
The advocate impatient seared
And steered her by her breasts
To sheets below.

“What shall we, from behind?
Or perhaps you like to find
Me kinder than a sex-crazed
Hobo without teeth?”

“There’s something I should say,”
She squeaked out by the way,
While they were sprawling out
And sweating pore to pore.

“Well, on with it!” he moaned,
Half-climaxed and begroaned,
He foamed a cursing glee and she
Came out with whispers:

“I’m Magdelene, the Mary,”
She uttered, constant wary
That nary a nudge would way-
Ward turn the advocate.

“Should I care what you are called?”
He said, and though she stalled,
He mauled the ruffles of her robe
That Christ had made.

“No,” she muffled under tears,
‘Neath all the sex-soaked years,
And ever fevered fears: no
Man could undo that whore.

For when the climax hit,
She draped her heart on it,
And through its fit, she wept:
“Caveat emptor.”



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