August 21, 2006

As I Return to the Pen

Often words are penned for us with ease,The silk and blade of them convicting.But at the station of the ream,They are embryonicUntil the eye perceiving and […]
August 17, 2006

August 16

I grow in this world, and quickly. It trains me from the start to stretch out and reach, beyond the rivers, beyond the thickets, beyond the […]
August 15, 2006

A Reading from the Letter to the Kempffites and most Excellent Pandamonium

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: What is it to be called Godless? For have we not all been Godless – all, indeed, to the end of […]
August 13, 2006

Carpenter’s Apprentice

I learned today, a thing or two Of carpentry. It says, and I have swallowed it like air:“Nail to wood.”But sometimes, as the hammer curls beneathTightfisted […]
August 11, 2006

Reclaiming the Scepter of Truth: James V. Schall, SJ and the Tolerant Christian in Modernity

James V. Schall, SJ has undertaken a serious reconsideration of tolerance. His recent discussion of truth vs. tolerance in the Christian mind cuts to the core […]
August 2, 2006

Plotting, Playing, Scheming for the Better Sort of Life

There have been the many soulless creatures asking:Do you play? And they will dress a deck of cards Until it shines, irresistible. Against the logic of […]