August 6, 2017

i often wish for rain

i live in a prism of sunshine, and that is all the joy a man could fathom. except—i often wish for rain. the hazy kind—not those […]
July 18, 2017

if the sky should dull

if the sky should dull as i am someways still alive— nevermind my candlelight. it is an old man’s wicked fantasy.
July 16, 2017

were tomorrow i gone

would there be any credit to the world were tomorrow i gone? vanished— like some ethereal dotted eighth—from one divine orchestral stave—into eternal hush. there is […]
July 9, 2017

none but god

the self-made man has fallen to the floor; the self-made man has fallen. and when, in stride, he rises to the fore—he will— none but god […]
July 2, 2017

Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike—in fitfulls—cascaded up the stoic crests—the crusted ice—the wind-whipped backside of the Rocky Mountains before scoring her chest with heels and wheels and pikes—an abuse […]
July 2, 2017

The Ritual of Coffee

There were soft Vienna mornings, you’ll recall, when Franz Joseph took his frothy kaffe along Linzer Landstrasse, the wagging wafts of conversation interdigitating with politics. And […]
June 25, 2017

it was a tuesday when the rain presided over our vows

it was a tuesday when the rain presided over our vows—the lusty blue kind with droplets big as your soul, heavy and falling. she took my […]
June 17, 2017

we have all had a summer night

we have all had a summer night: the stretch of battalion drumfires swathed in rouged smoke, ’70s streetlights moaning with whimpers of neon, relationships simmering in […]
June 11, 2017

Before Damascus

Paul looked up from his tent, eyebrows waxed with sweat, and saw the midday sun. It haloed the sky, and beneath it, all of Tarsus shuffled […]