Trying to Explain Jihad al-Nafs to Christopher Robin*
September 16, 2010
September 20, 2010

At once I knew, small boy
alight in eyes of azure rage,
I knew a year of seasons in his smile!
And when the unobservant, careless cold
Arrived, I wrapped the living sorrow
with a bow around my heavy heart,
and did as saviors do: live on.

But not today.
How can the lover-soon-simpatico
Choke the urge to wade
in all the water of those eyes?
How now, the soldier wind between
two continents of skin
and give what is of friends,
a lonesome ear?
And that is all.

Centuries have known the
answers skip in front of
rhyme; and while the
poets in their age release
their darling dears,
I’ll have them known, and I:
Love does not defer to friendship,
Nor friendship love defy.

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