End of Day(s)
November 17, 2011
Wherein Google Tells Me Who I Am
November 22, 2011
Isaidhesaid eat a peach; at dawn; firstfruits at midnight when the 
cock crows. And
Peterock was through and through with pecking orders
by the fire, handswarming.

I said I tried, andbut hanged beside the sad tree I’m
sorry. It came
time to for the Sabbath, ringing knocks like angels
bread notready for the smiles. 

Suchso Simon says: of course, of course you are
a fish hoarder;
sit and nip at heads with casks of whale-piss
whine and dine, lastly, Emmaus.

I’vent Eve if that’s what you’re asking! sure
as a rib.
a breastachest from merry marriage, 
Commit a ho! And that’s why I’ve said God
is only Sundays, 10-noon.

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