To the People of St. Paul
August 5, 2010
August 11, 2010

from the letter written on August 16, 2009:

Jeff, called to be at once a messenger in the Spirit and a companion in the flesh, to the community of St. Paul at Denver. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. As it is written, so let it be done. Amen.

I give thanks to you, my sisters and brothers, that you have accorded Christ a place in your hearts, and that, against all odds, you have shattered the pinions which held us bound to grant the gift of eternal life to our fellow brothers and sisters. May your acts of great mercy and devotion never cease, least while I am here among you.

I speak of bondage, my beloved, because I know bondage. For it is my humanness which has bound me, in one part to the world, and in one part to Christ. But the part which binds me to Christ is a freedom, for it ensures my life, despite my gross malfeasance. More so, it enables me to extend that freedom to others; therefore, I work to bind the world to Christ, that they may know life, and that they may also be freed.

But words, such as I now write, are one thing, sisters and brothers, which say much and often accomplish little. Save Christ, who is the Word of Life, we are inundated with false tales and egregious lies. Why else would we reject the Word, except that we have been bound and beaten by words? But there is a difference: for words are false, lest they are inspired by the Word of God. Therefore, we challenge ourselves when we are strong to recognize the Life-giving Word amidst the rubble, and grasp for what sounds fitting when we are weak. In the former, we are freed by our persistent Life to see Christ regardless of our fears; it is the latter which enables us to conform words, empty and hurtful, to a seeming resemblance of Christ’s. Yet they are anathema to Christ, and will cause us to die.

I do not write you in a manner of chastisement, nor admonition, for these things you know, and know well. Rather, I write to you that you may know how well I have understood them because you have shown them to me. For I was once bound by language, seduced by its manifold voices and elegant prevarications. But it is enough: I have come to know the true Christ, and the true Word. I have, according to your love, been saved.

I am greatly beholden to you for this gift, my sisters and my brothers. It is no small thing to be freed from one’s bonds, to be made whole again and purposed through the Spirit of God to Almighty ends, whatsoever they may be. For I am content now to follow my call, wheresoever it may lead, because it is the true call of Christ, the Word and the Light.

You know, surely, how debilitating fear can bind a soul. And yet, broken and brittle, I have risen to be a prophet as you are prophets; to be a minister as you are ministers; to be a servant as you are servants. And I no longer fear for my life, that it may be taken from me and my love and accomplishments rendered nothing more than dust and ash. For if it is His Will, so be it. I am confident in this at least: That the life of my flesh will persevere so long as I am able to accomplish the good acts which God has designed for me, and which He commands me to do according to the mystery of His Will. But when these things are at last accomplished, I may pass away. Therefore, I care little for whether I am sick or well; whether I am happy or sad; whether I am weak or strong. For in these, through these, and with these I will do what is in my power and in my call for the greater glory of God.

I write these words to you in thanks, my most beloved sisters and brothers. For you have opened up the door to Christ; you have brought me to the hill, wherefrom I let shine my brightest light. Within it I am forever weak, forever sinful, forever broken—forever human and forever Christ’s, as He designed, as He ordained, as He has commanded. Though I am certain, however much I am in need of grace, that my light is nevertheless refulgent.

And so I go forth, as we all go forth, to bind ourselves to Christ, and others to the rock of faith. For when we are bound to Him, we are set free; it is only when we cut ourselves off from the bondage of this world, from the fears of death and fear itself, that we come to bring about redemption in this life, today.

With all my capacity for love, I love you, and will never doubt your faith, or your bondage to Christ, that it bring the eternal joy of salvation to each and every soul placed for a time on this troubled earth, in our warm embrace.

Always in faith, hope, and love, I remain forever your servant in Christ, your beloved brother, and the good news of your inspiration,


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