A Reading from the Second Letter to the Kempffites

Surely, Redeemed!
September 26, 2006
Have I earned this praise?
September 27, 2006

Brothers and Sisters:

It has been heard among you in certain times: defense against oppression is not natural, nor of God. Despicable it is to thwart attack with pre-eminent force! Whether by word or deed, you have resolved to lay flat and endure the buffeting of enemies.

Let me remind you, as I, lover of Christ, am one in your sufferings: whatsoever the evils of this world conspire against you, it is not God’s order to allow them victory. For was I not one among you, child of penury, prisoner of want? Did I not dissolve to hate myself? And therefore, in the chambers of incarceration, I was put to death by the birth of self-loathing.

Yet He endured me, illuminated the darkness I embraced, and taught me to see the light! It was there he proclaimed, refulgent in His glory, that in no way should the evils of the world encage the good He had engendered. There, at the hilt of isolation from the world, I was charged to carry forth this word to the people.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, do not think you are to be less than what you are for the machinations of demons! For who holds sway in all the universe? Who is utmost and universal? It is He, Jesus the Christ who is God eternal, and against His hand not even the mightiest of evils shall prevail.

If you are not as this world has made you, then do not endure it. Up! Be disciples of the risen Christ; carry forth the candle of righteousness and be proclaimers of the Word! For you who profess from the heart will act from the heart, and he who sees it shall be ever faithful.

Never yield to the strength of evil’s advances, brothers and sisters. I, too, have known its overwhelming weight, beneath which I was buried for a time. But I have been resurrected – as you shall be. Go, then, be disciples of all nations: carry forth God to the lowly and lift them to highest heights of the heavenly kingdom!

For it is said, and truly: the valleys He will raise up, and the mountains shall be made low. Glory be to the Father, who is in all things Good.

In the name of Christ, I leave as you divine citizens of the world. Be vigilant, and do not retire from the mission and majesty of the Lord God.

In my own name I write this, brother and friend,


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