Exhortations to Understanding
March 23, 2010
The Painting on the Wall
March 25, 2010


I write you this greeting in my own hand, whatever my trials; if you are filled with all manner of hope and love, be intent to share it with Gentiles and Jews, circumcised and circumcised, friends and enemies. Such is the manifest love of our God.

Long and often have I called you to apply yourself to the faith, either in this way or that, so that you may be freed of the bonds of expectation laid upon you by this world. For God’s only expectation is that you are fully yourselves. Even so, you wander aimlessly as though a sheep lost to a shepherd. What are you seeking, beloved? What confidence do you lack that you cannot follow a path, straight and even?

Many of you have asked me: “We strive, but what is our end? We persevere, but for what cause?” Do you not know the purpose for which you were born to this world? To give witness to the Truth and to testify to Love, wheresoever you are able. Yet you ask me, “What is Truth, that I may see it? What is Love that I may know it face-to-face?” Are you so obtuse? Do you not believe in the constant and ever-loving presence of God? Why, then, do you ask me these things? Why, even still, do you demand a path which you may see before you and a destination you may envision? Is it not enough to put your trust in God?

I recall for you, then, those things which I have written to you in the past. Namely, that you are called to follow that path which God ordains according to His time and His wisdom; how beyond wisdom and devoid of human logic is His reason! Therefore, we trust the path continues as it ought and concern ourselves with the present time. Have you forgotten what Christ exhorted, even while he was here among us? Do not worry so for the things you are to eat; for the clothes you are to wear; for the bed on which you sleep. I shall provide even these to you, and all you need, say the Lord God.

Why, then, do you follow your own path, my friends? Is it for the destination, or for the journey? Truly, I tell you: The path will lead nowhere if it is not followed with full conscience and consciousness. God is present to those who see Him now, not those who wish Him to be present here and there tomorrow. For the mystery of God will lead us to Him, wheresoever that may be. It is not our business to suppose He will be anywhere, nor ours to suppose we follow a path of our own making.

Relinquish, then, your love of control and fear of uncertainty. What promotion has it brought you? What great happiness has it rendered out of days that you would return to it again and again? But it is a pinion to this world, and has no bearing with God. Therefore, deny it, as you have denied your old selves to be known again in faith to God.

Take heart, my friends, and do not fear the road on which you trod. Has God ever cast you out? Would He leave you to build the road yourselves? His servant hears Him, and cries out: “Eli Eli lama sabachthani?!” Even so, Christ called out; even so Christ escaped the gates of death and hell to ascend to His Father in heaven. If Christ is beloved of God, how much, then, are you, His brothers, His sisters, and friends?

Travel the road to Christ; find Him on the journey; be at once, at last, at peace.

I remain your friend, your brother, your servant in Christ,


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  1. Lance says:

    I thirst.

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