To Mr. C.S. Lewis: A Reconsideration
August 23, 2010
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August 25, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

I am disheartened by your recent letters. Constantly you ask me questions as though I have the answers. You wonder after things like grace and faith, where they come from and how they are made.

I ask you: Did I make grace? Was faith my very own creation? Or did I receive these both from God, not according to what I willed, but according to what God willed? Therefore, how can I know at all the substance of grace? What wisdom can I impart on the birth of faith? None. I am not made to make them, but made to receive them and put them to good uses.

Do not, then, ask after questions that matter not at all to you. Put your curiosity to more fruitful ends—how, for example, you are to use the faith and grace you have been given. Wonder at their capacity, surely, but do not spend countless hours attempting to uncover their birth. If it is in God’s plan to share this with you, it will be shared. But not according to your ways and means, and not at your appointed time.

Spend your gifts on what is around you, my brother and sisters, and there will be satisfaction in this alone.

In peace I call you fellow servants of God, and I leave you in utmost love,


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