From A Letter to Saint Paul
March 20, 2010
Exhortations to Understanding
March 23, 2010

My dear friends in Christ,

I give you hope—rather, I give the vision for hope—that will be your salvation and endurance in the time of tribulations you will assuredly face. For I have already stumbled, and fallen. But by the grace and strength of God, which I neither foresaw, nor solicited, I am renewed again in him.

Such an ordination of calamity causes me to question: What is our constitution but our faith? For if all things rest in God, and all are therefore accessible through God, what are we if do not believe in God? We are dead, certainly, vulnerable to the precarious whims of the world. Hold, therefore, your faith in Christ most dear.

Timothy has sent word of you, sharing your suffering with deep sadness. But surely you know, however deep the wounds and fierce the battle, it is love through faith which perseveres. For I have fought out of anger, and it has rendered me nothing but Pyrrhic victories and lame defeats; I have argued for rightness, and have been abandoned to loneliness. You know by what matter God will make plain your victory and your rightness—it is only in the charge of Love. Believe, then, that the only hand which serves your well-being is that which renders all in kindness, generosity, and selflessness.

The words of scripture ring true and whole in these times, my brothers and sisters: Love is patient for the word of the Lord; Love is kind in the heat of battle; Love desires nothing for itself, but is itself, and all things, simply.

Yet it is no simple or easy matter to exhort you to Love when all around you hate and devastation pervade. But Christ did not succumb to anger or pity on the cross; His triumph was eternal life. Let ours be that same triumph. Let us Love in the face of all adversities which seek to conquer and to know above the knowing God.

I stand as your witness and your advocate, across ages and continents, forever your servant, your brother, your friend in Christ—


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