The People vs. J.W.T.M.S.
July 27, 2007
Act II, Scene 7: Death at the Appointed Time
July 29, 2007

Grace to you in the eminent being of majesty, according to my soul, Jesus Christ, who to you is known also as Yahweh, Allah, and Spirit. To my brothers and sisters: Amen, al salaam alaykum, shalom.

From the dawn of the age, from the generations of Abraham and the descendants of Mohammed, we have prophesied a single truth—that no other law is greater than the command to love of one another as we have been loved by our Creator. So it is written, so it is truth.

There have been generations in our latter days that have taken on a new image of God; they say to us, and we to them: “You are the Allah of your people, go and be savior to them.” We announce ourselves as deity, not in a manner that elevates the ego, but one that elicits that finest and most venerable qualities of the human person. Surely, we say: Yahweh, you are humanity in sum.

When we take this into our hearts and examine it, it becomes the way to perfection. We suddenly lose our inequities and weaknesses, if only because our hearts are aware of their own share in divinity. Glorious is the day this revelation passes among us! Each one of us come to know it at a different time, and at that very time, all manner of healing dissolves our wounds and our waywardness is brought to a straight path.

This, my brothers and sisters, is the power of the revelation of the body of Christ: glorious sons and daughters of the Being on high are not separated from him, but are imparted with his spirited the instant they are created in this world.

But we should not forget our humanity. Is it not the case, that when intentions are full of spirit, founded on love, and put forth with sincerity, that we aught be moved to love the being from whom they came? If we are divine, from our highest and most beautiful features to our sometimes dilapidated selves, should we not, without hesitation, love these persons? God would; Allah has; Yahweh will. But we, we are not so protected from ourselves that even when intentions of others are pure, there is no conflict.

Have we not experienced lovers who open their hearts to us, who ply us with unfeigned interest, who gather our attention with loyalty? I pray God we all have. And if we have not, listen well. For many already know that love cannot derive from good intentions alone—not if we are who we are, men and women, created sons and daughters. It is the divinity in us which desires to love in return for love; it is the humanity which cannot love only because we are loved. We sometimes pray to return such deep affection, for there is no more horrid pain that unrequited love. But if that is our motivation, we would not find it. For it cannot, at any time, exist out of pity, guilt or shame. It must come according to its own designs, and by no conscious affectation.

I say this, brothers and sisters, to remind you of where divinity ends and humanity begins. It has been said that no religion carrying humanity as its God will survive. For corruption is our namesake, as much as love is our legacy. We are pieces of the Almighty, but cannot be It entirely. It is for this reason that love cannot come out of us in response only to good intention, lest Yahweh direct our hearts to that affection.

This is not meant to undo your elation, nor is it designed to disturb the brilliant happiness of that day of revelation which uncovers your own godliness. Rather, it is for those who must find the balance between being partly divine and partly human. Though not ourselves entirely divine, there is much reason to rejoice; we are the protected children of an all-powerful, loving God. Such a truth deserves much celebration!

I return now to Damascus, to Philippi, to Thessalonica, to Jerusalem, to Bethlehem, to Crete, to Cyrene, to Egypt, and to the many people I have at once observed and at once became my family. May all grace and blessing rest upon you, children of God; do not withhold these blessings for the many who have yet to discover the warm embrace of He who guides all: Yahweh, Allah, Jesus Christ. You may find that She has called you to be, for a time, Savior of the world.

Grace to you, and peace. Amen, al salaam alaykum, shalom.


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